What is a string quartet? 
String quartets are an ensemble of four instruments - two violins, a viola, and a cello.

How do the musicians dress? 
Your event is special, and the musicians at String Quartet will dress for the occasion. The men will wear dark suits or tuxedos and the women will normally be in black or dark blue dresses, floor length if you so wish.

What do you require to perform? 
The quartet requires only 4 upright chairs without arms.  We have squeezed into some tight places on occasion.

What happens if one of our players is unable to play?  Will our engagement be cancelled?
Absolutely not. String Quartet musicians have been performing at functions for many years, and have never yet had to cancel an engagement.  Occasionally, one of our musicians may need to be replaced with another professional who works with us on a regular basis and is familiar with our repertoire. 

Will your musicians play outdoors? 
Yes we can play outdoors. Our only concern is the safety of our expensive instruments and our ability to provide quality music in an exposed location. Our instruments must be kept under cover and shaded; they must be kept dry at all times.

Do you play for receptions also? 
Yes - we often play during the cocktail hour and/or for dinner, and frequently the whole of the reception. 

Will your quartet accompany guest singers or instrumentalists?
We frequently accompany other instrumentalists or indeed a vocalist. However, this does require an additional rehearsal - although this can normally be done just prior to the engagement. Understandably, an additional fee will be incurred should this service prove necessary. 

Do we need to meet you in person to plan our music?
We can if you’d prefer, but to be honest it's not really necessary.  All details can be addressed over the phone, or by email. However, if you are unsure or anxious about what will be involved, we can certainly meet up - subject to availability.

Will the quartet attend my wedding rehearsal?  
Under normal circumstances, it's not necessary for us to attend a wedding rehearsal. Indeed this would incur an additional expense for you.  We have vast experience in coordinating the music for wedding ceremonies and the majority of our planning and practicing is done well before we turn up at a wedding.

Will the quartet play entrance music before our wedding ceremony?
If you want prelude or entrance music this can easily be arranged. Please advise us of your needs well in advance though. Our standard fee includes 20 minutes of entrance music before the start time of the ceremony. This is usually more than sufficient to meet the needs of your arriving guests and will certainly ease them into the atmosphere of your special occasion well before you make your processional entrance.

How do I choose the music for the prelude? Do I have to select the whole program? 
It is not necessary for you to choose all the prelude music, unless of course you want to. Some people have very definite ideas about programming; others leave it completely to us. Through long experience we have found that choosing from a wide variety of material, according to what “feels” best for the moment and the location, usually works best. Also, if you give us an indication what mood you would like to create, we can make appropriate recommendations.

How will you know when to start the music for the ceremony? 
All we need is a signal from your wedding coordinator. Also, we do arrive half an hour before prelude begins and go over the details with the appointed person to confirm the plan.

Do we need to time our entrances exactly to merge in with your music? 
No, String Quartet will do the timing and the coordinating for you on your big day.  Just let us know approximately how many people will be entering at an approximate time - and we'll do the rest.

What if there is a special piece of music I would like to be played. Can you do that? 
Yes, we almost always can. If it is not in our repertoire, or even available for string quartet, we can write an arrangement for the quartet (a fee typically applies, in all cases needs to be addressed on an individual basis).

 What if we need further questions answered later? 
Our standard fee includes unlimited telephone and email consultation.  Call or email String Quartet any time you have a question or need additional information. Remember also, that you'll be able to speak directly to our string quartet musicians directly on the day of your wedding or special event.

Will you perform with guest instrumentalists or singers?
Absolutely. We will be happy to communicate directly with them ahead of time to work out musical details.  We will customize the musical program to fit your preferences and requirements.  Service for smaller engagements is available with Trios, Duets, Violin Solo, and Flute. For big events we also can provide chamber orchestra.


How far in advance should we book your quartet?
We encourage you to book as early as possible but don't hesitate to call on short notice however. We have often been able to accommodate even very late bookings because of a previous cancellation. 
A 30%-50% deposit is required at the time of contract to reserve a date.